37 (FI) Engineer Regt

Rob WoodGordon, 37 was set up around the end of 82 beginning of 83 it was the HQ with staff from STRE, Specialist units etc, and then the roulement squadrons went through as the workforce as far as I recall, first location was the ionospheric station on Davis Street
Mark ShattockI was there with 48 Fd Sqn (Const) attached to 51 Fd sqn. Shortly afterthe Regt's disbandment and all RE units, for the duration of their tour were known as Falkland Islands Field Squadron
Jean ArmstrongMy husband Derek Armstrong was the RSM for 6 months when the Regt was set up
Jon Mitchell REIn '86 the CRE had a signal framed on his wall from the MOD saying it could be disbanded as it never really existed as it did not appear on the Order of Battle (or Order of March). Can't remember when the signal was dated or when it (disbanded) although I do remember in '83 HQ 37 Engr Regt was filled with a very ugly bunch of reprobates...
Martin K Hardy37 regt was a moth balled regt that would be put in place in times of war or conflict, when there wasn't enough regts to cover,thats what I was told at the time. 37 Regt had 7 sqns this made it the largest Regt in the corps
Neil RussellGordon, 37 ER was set up purely to manage the reconstruction after the conflict in 82. Although I never served with 37, I did do 5 tours with FI Fd Sqn after 37 was disbanded. My old SSM Bob Raine (5 Sqn) was RSM of 37 around 84, so it definitely existed! Hope that helps mate

50 Squadron

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Bob Young sent me this - "Hello Gordon,A bit more info for you,50 Sqn were in Osnabruck for a number of years-I can't help with the actual dates but I went to them in 1960 and they had been there for some time then,I left in 1963 and I believe that they left Osnabruck not long after that.Incidently,28 Amphibious Regt.started life as 1 troop 50 Sqn.during the time I was there.Regards Bob"



From Peter Kirwan

CRE(W)FI was repsonsible for the infrastructure rebuild after the conflict, I was attached to CRE(W)FI from 3 Fd Sqn who I had been attached to from 34 in '82 and we sailed as the last part of the Task Force on the Rangatiri Otherwise known as the Rangatraz.
I helped run the military power station behind the West Store, nothing more than a couple of 255Kw Dales, a fuel tank and a site hut on wheels scrounged up from somewhere
Hope that helps
Peter Kirwan


HQ British Forces Falkland Islands

I need more help from you all to decide how to break down the Falklands postings.  Were you there as individual squadrons or were some of you under the aegis of other units?


MES (Wks) Falkland Islands

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